@iConnect we started working with Mobile Apps about 3 years ago. It was not an early start and we had a few choices to make. We needed to choose the technology stack as a primer.

We had a choice of going Native or adopting Phonegap/Apache cordova for hybrid platform. (there are more platforms, but we stick to these).We built iConnect and its team to help our customers develop products quickly and in a cost efficient manner.

Challenges for a Startup :

  • An important investment to make any startup idea succeed these days is technology and the platform | solution.
  • A lot of resources are also required by a startup for sales and distribution.
  • A quick feedback from market | customers is desirable in shaping up the roadmap of the product | service.

With all these in mind keeping a separate team for every mobile platform and then managing all of them to deliver a working solution is a big challenge. Often overwhelming and leading to extending budgets and timelines. With Apache Cordova platform becoming more stable and more plugins for device interaction getting available, it was a natural choice for us. We could utilise our existing web development skills and deliver quality quickly for our customers.

We could pass on a lot of benefit to our customers with cost as well as time.Our customers could get a feedback from market on a real working poduct rather than just a POC. They could also focus their energy on the core business and its development rather than the technology solution.

There are a few myths around when it comes to UI/UX of the hybrid apps and speed of the apps. A say they are a myth because, it is very subjective and i can find a number of native apps which have similar problems. We have had a lot of success with this technology and are continuing to use it. I recommend it to anyone who is in a dilemma. We will be happy to review your situation and offer any advice based on our experiance.


thanks for reading.

Jaideep Deshmukh

Technical Head – @iconnect